I have never seen such a product. Is it safe? Why should I trust you?

Yes, it is safe and yes, you can trust us:

1. Crown Esports Nutrition belongs to Crown Sport Nutrition, aN European brand recognized internationally  as a brand of excellence for various reasons; We have our own scientific studies in collaboration with European universities, we have Informed Sport international anti-doping certification recommended by AEPSAD (Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sport), we collaborate with renowned universities and institutions, we work with thousands of elite athletes in both traditional sports and esports (eg MAD Lions) and among professionals in the sector; nutritionists, trainers etc. we are recognized as a mark of good practice. All these athletes, institutions, professionals would not trust us if we were not safe.

2. We manufacture in state-of-the-art facilities IFS (International Food Standards) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in Spain. The maximum quality standards for the manufacture of food and food supplements.

3. All our products have a Market Notification and are suitable for sale throughout Europe.

4. We have an R&D department that develops the formulas and then we test and validate the product with athletes before putting it on the market.

5. Our philosophy is Science, Quality and Transparency



What is the difference with energy drinks, other products and / or caffeine? Why Game Booster?

At the composition level, the Game Booster has some ingredients that are not included in energy / standard drinks such as Theanine and Tyrosine. These 2 amino acids influence the effectiveness of the product. And it also has more caffeine per stick / shot than other drinks. It is also sugar free, without unnecessary ingredients and very low in calories.

On a technical level, the difference is clear, as it is in a powder format and small in weight / size, the functionality is brutal. You carry it with you and at any time you can turn your favorite soft drink into a super energy drink. No need to drink gas if you don't like it, you feel like it or you feel good.

You do not have to worry about being loaded with your soda cans or if they will sell them where you are going to play.



Why will my concentration improve if I drink Game Booster?

Because the combination of ingredients it possesses exerts a nootropic effect, especially the combination of caffeine and theanine.

How do you intake it?

Game Booster has been designed to be added to any drink without altering its flavor; juice, carbonated or non-carbonated soft drink, tea, coffee.

It can also be taken with water, although we recommend mixing it with your favorite drink. Soon there will be a flavored version for those who prefer to mix it with water.

The recommended dosage is to mix a stick with approximately 300 ml of your favorite drink. But, depending on personal taste preferences, the mixing range is from 250 ml to 500 ml.

We recommend not adding it directly into a can or bottle of carbonated soft drink, since it can produce effervescence and spill the product.

How many sticks can I take as maximum per day?

2 a day maximum. With minimum intervals of 3 hours between each of them. However, as it is a caffeinated product, we do not recommend this maximum amount (2 sticks) to be the standard if not for specific occasions, such as when you have a long tournament (> 4 hours).

Is it vegan?

No, currently it is not. But in the future it will be.

What ingredients does it contain?

1000 mg Taurine, 500 mg tyrosine, 250 mg caffeine, 150 mg theanine and excipients (maltodextrin and sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame-K).


Can it be taken with vitamins and minerals?

Yes, it can be taken with other vitamins and minerals.

Can it be taken with other products high in caffeine?

Yes, it can be taken, but we have to take into account the total amount of caffeine that we are going to consume so as not to exceed the maximum recommended limits per intake (9 mg caffeine for each kilo of body weight).

Individual sensitivity to caffeine must be considered.

For example: Energy drink 250 ml (72.5 mg caffeine) + Game Booster (250 mg) à 72.5 + 250 = 322.5 mg total caffeine.

70 kg person. Recommended maximum = 9 mg x 70 kg = 630 mg of caffeine.

Conclusion this person could ingest both products at the same time, although we recommend not mixing it with extra caffeine.

Can the product be taken for another purpose? Study, work, drive, practise sport?

Yes, of course. The ingredients it contains improve focus and concentration on different cognitive tasks, such as studying or doing concentration work or with a high mental load. It is also very useful for driving since it reduces fatigue and makes you more alert. Likewise, athletes who want to increase their performance and / or delay the feeling of fatigue can benefit from it. In fact, many of our athletes at Crown Sport Nutrition use it. 



Is it healthy?

Yes yes it is. It does not have unnecessary additions, or sugars, it only carries what it has to carry to fulfill its functionality and its nootropic effects.

The only people who have to be careful with the product are hypertensive people (not medicated) and, according to EU recommendations, children and pregnant women.

Are there side or negative effects?

The only side effect, so to speak, is a slight rise in blood pressure caused by caffeine. This effect is the same that occurs when we drink coffee, tea or any drink that contains caffeine (including energy drinks).

Can I take it if I have any pathology?

The only case in which it is not recommended to consume it is if you suffer from unmedicated hypertension.

Each person individually must assess their consumption, especially in case of having a high sensitivity to caffeine or any of its ingredients.


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