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New Game Booster, powdered supplement to increase your concentration and performance in a healthy and scientifically formulated way. Mix it in your favourite drink and enhance it without altering its taste.

Game Booster

the problem

with actual products

Energy drinks contain high amounts of sugars, well above the maximum daily limit recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) and other unnecessary ingredients such as certain vitamins and minerals that do not produce any benefit in addition to low amounts of important ingredients. (Know more here) They are not developed specifically or scientifically for gamers and because of this it is born...


With its first product, scientifically developed, GAME BOOSTER

Game Booster

From 1,39 € per stick 

Maximum boost of concentration and performance  during 2/3 hours. It contains caffeine.

Easy to intake: Take your powdered stick wherever you want and boost any drink; juice, still or sparkling soda, tea, coffee etc. without hardly altering its flavor because of its neutral flavour.

Sugar Free and no unnecessary or miracle ingredients with side effects.

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We are very happy to collaborate with Crown, thanks to their products we can complement the nutrition of the players and increase concentration during training and matches


MAD Lions Head Coach |

Crown gives us the complement that we lacked. When I need to increase concentration within the game they offer me the necessary tools to do it


MAD Lions ADC |

The first time I took it was in a very demanding stream and that required giving my 100%. The truth is that I was surprised by its fast and powerful concentration and activation effect. I was super focused


COD:MW Streamer |


Mix it with your favourite drink

Take the stick for your most important games and add it in your shaker or in a glass to your favorite drink;  juice, still or sparkling soda, tea, coffee etc. Stir it a little and you already have your drink boosted to the maximum.

2/3 hours of maximum concentration

Wait 20 minutes for it to take effect and increase your concentration and performance to the maximum. Your focus increases and your tiredness decreases. It does not generate nervousness or anxiety.

Why does it works?

When we play at a competitive level, on one hand it is very important to be focused but on the other we have to control anxiety. The key is to seek the best concentration and performance through stimulants (a high dose of caffeine combined with taurine is very useful and widely used by athletes of esports and traditional sports), while promoting relaxation and avoiding the negative effects of this. That is why we add theanine and tyrosine. Furthermore, all of the ingredients (and their proportions) that we use at Crown Esports Nutrition are safe for the short, medium and long term health and are based on scientific studies that have great evidence.

Our lifelong experience as gamers, the feedback from the Esports athletes with whom we collaborate, our international R&D department formed by Greenwich University in London, together with our technician with more than 15 years of experience in formulating products, allows us to know what gamers need and how to meet these needs in an optimal, safe, simple way, without thousands of "magic" ingredients and always based on science.


250 mg of Caffeine per stick

The best ingredient for improving cognitive performance directly. Caffeine activates the Central Nervous System (CNS), delays fatigue and maintains alertness, fundamental factors to continue performing in the long hours of play. 


150 mg of L-Theanine per stick

Avoids the negative effects of caffeine, since it promotes relaxation, but maintaining alertness, therefore reducing stress and anxiety caused by playing.


500 mg of L-Tyrosine per stick

Aminoacid that improves focus and concentration by being a precursor of catecholamines, something very important when you want to perform at your best, especially when you have been playing for a few hours.


1000 mg of Taurine per stick

Enhances and prolongs the effect of caffeine.



Crown Esports Nutrition is born from its CEO, Pol Gieco "alojomorao" (Spanish Engineer, 1988), gaming lover (player since NES, N64, and competitive since CS 1.5 / 1.6 / Source, COD, until now in LOL as main support), nutrition and science, whose Crown Sport Nutrition brand (Official website link) already works with elite athletes, carries out scientific studies, collaborates with international universities and has international anti-doping certification. This is recognized as a brand of excellence in the sector despite its youth.

upgrade your self with science and health

Don't waste time with energy drinks and miracle products. Science always wins.

Game Booster

1,99€   1 stick

4,99€   Pack 3 sticks

14,99€   Shaker + 7 sticks

27,80 €   BOX 20 sticks

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